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India's Most Trusted And Simple Online Data Entry Job to Earn Money Online

Are you students, freshers, or housewives/housewife who are Looking for genuine and simple online data entry typing work from home? Do you want to earn money online by typing some data, pages, or words? Then you’ve come to the right platform. is 100% real, genuine, and the most trusted third-party data entry company that provides different types of part time online data entry work from home without registration fees and with weekly payment. 


If you are looking for a free typing earning website and you really want to earn money by doing simple online page typing work at home for students in India, then join us and start making money from home quickly, easily, and effectively. Register now, activate your plan, and start your job within 24 hours. Whether you are students, freshers, housewife, or job-seeker, we provide online typing jobs to everyone irrespective of their social background, educational qualification, age, and gender.

Earn money Online with MyDataInputJob

MyDataInputJob provides an easy and hassle-free way to earn money from the comfort of your own home. Start earning now with our data entry, typing and SMS jobs!

Features section:

1.Make money from data entry

We provide you with data entry jobs at the click of a button. Our platform is user-friendly and you can start earning in no time.

2.Get paid for typing jobs

Our typing jobs are easy to do and you can start earning quickly. All of our jobs are based on hourly rates, so there’s no need to worry about getting paid for your hard work.

3.Earn extra income by sending SMS

With MyDataInputJob, you can earn extra income by sending SMS messages to our clients. We provide you with an easy-to-use platform that makes it quick and simple to send messages without any hassle.

Here is the List of Top Work from Home Jobs.

Data Entry Jobs (Online/Offline)

Potential Earnings
Rs.300/- to Rs.1,500/- per hour.
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Typing Jobs

Potential Earnings
Rs.150/- to Rs.300/- per page.
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Online Writing Jobs

Potential Earnings
Rs.8,000/- to Rs.10,000/- per month.
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Translation & Transcription Jobs

Potential Earnings
Rs.3/- to Rs.5/- per word.
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Online Chat/Email Support Jobs

Potential Earnings
Rs.325/- to Rs.650/- for an hour.
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Captcha Typing/Solving Jobs

Potential Earnings
Rs.650/- to Rs.1000/- for solving 100 Captchas.
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Internet Research Jobs

Potential Earnings
Rs.650/- to Rs.1300/- per hour.
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Internet Sharing Job

Potential Earnings
Rs.650/- to Rs.1300/- per hour.
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What are you thinking about Joining?

Now you’re in the most trusted online data entry work platform. If you have a dream to earn money online, you can fulfill it by joining us today.


Total IncomeRs. 



Yeah, you can work on your mobile phone or any smartphone. You just have to install the Excel application on your phone and start typing the documents that we have shared with you.

Outsourcing is the Mantra of today. If you work helps anyone to grow their business / online presence, they are more than eager to reward you handsomely. Even after paying you handsomely, companies will save a huge amount they otherwise would have spent in fixed overheads and running’s costs.  At the same time, you too get paid for utilizing the resources you already have, i.e. some Free Time and access to internet. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for both.

Though many of the online work options have a high income potential, but we always categorize this as a part time work. There is no need / compulsion for you to leave what you are already doing. Just work sincerely in whatever free time you have. Results can be amazing! Can be even more than what many are making in a full time job!

NEVER! This is purely an Online Work and at no point of time you will be required to do the same.

NO! You don’t have to make any referrals under you. This is a purely a working relation between you and the company. No one gets a share out of the income which you make. You don’t have to join anybody.

Though we don’t promote this as a “get rich overnight” scheme but if you follow instructions properly, work regularly and can keep a little patience, then sky is the limit. Once the initial setup is done, you work will keep performing for you, 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year.

Depending on your work, you can receive earnings on monthly, fortnightly or even on weekly basis.  Payouts are always in time and it’s really easy to receive your earnings. All you need is a valid bank account.

You can even request for a check payment in your name.

You can ask for a direct bank transfer in your local currency.

You can also receive income via payment processor like Paytm or Upi.  You can easily open one for free in your personal name (just like an email account). All you need to provide is bank details to receive your funds. Alternately, you can also ask for check payment in your name.

You Can Receive Your Payment on Monthly, Fortnightly or Even on Weekly Basis.

Not at all! This is purely an online work that one can easily take as an individual. You do not need any business setup or a company name. Your earnings can be directly transferred to any of your existing bank account in any country. In fact, it is much faster and easier to receive earnings in a personal name.

Not essentially. You should be comfortable with Internet. There is no programming to be done.

We charge activation fees because we want you to work with us seriously and complete your work with honesty and accuracy. If we provide our work for free then we know you won’t value it.

“People Don’t Value the Things They Get for Free” and as you know we are a third-party data entry website and if you are not able to complete your work on time then it’s a great loss of time and energy for both of us. So just complete your work on time and once your work is complete, we’ll refund your activation fees along with your monthly payout.