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Earn Money by Sharing Your Internet Connection

Why would we pay for your traffic?

Hundreds of marketing and advertising agencies need to visit customer websites from different regions to make sure their ads are displaying properly and check the results of their efforts
These companies pay us for data collected across different regions, while we pay you for using your internet traffic to collect this data. It’s a simple win-win-win.

How does it work?

Your Internet Service Provider offers unlimited traffic bundles for a fixed monthly fee. However, there is a catch – most of the time you don’t use your traffic and your connection is idle.
You can sell a part of this unused traffic and start earning passive income in four simple steps:

1. Sign up for our service and get an access token
2. Install our app on your device
3. We will be using a tiny part of your Internet connection in our network.
4. Use your account dashboard to track the traffic we used along and the money you earned.